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No Idea by Aa — publication


No Idea is a publication exploring, documenting and celebrating the creative practice of Melbourne graphic designer Andrew Ashton (Aa).

Starting out the year that the World Wide Web was born, in a time of drawing tables and the Apple Macintosh computer, Aa has witnessed, experienced, made, celebrated, changed, fallen down, reinvented, taught, mentored, and experimented thirty five years of commercial art and design.

Aa's unorthodox practice approach to design has allowed him to collaborate with studios, artists, clients and individuals ambitious and world famous in food, corporate, manufacturing, and culture.

No Idea by Aa spills, shares and gives away much of what makes his work unique and invites the reader to discover work, process and appropriate randomness of a graphic design practice exploring place, beauty, and the familiar.

Designed by Stuart Geddes, writing by Carolyn Barnes, printing by Gunn & Taylor.

16 x 20 cm
300 pages
Full colour
Poster slip cover

First Edition — 300 copies signed

Available March 2024

No Idea is looking for coffee tables, tram reads and libraries near and wide.

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